Teeth Whitening

The Best Teeth-Whitening Methods

If you are ready to get whiter teeth, you know that you have lots of choices. You might have heard that over-the-counter whiteners are just as good as those you can get at your dentist’s office.

Are they?  The answer can depend on several factors. If your teeth are badly stained on the surface or enamel and underneath it, you might be better off getting a professional treatment. If you just have some slight yellowing of your teeth, you should give store-bought whiteners a try. If you do not get the results, you want you can always approach your dentist for suggestions later on.

Store-bought whiteners include toothpaste, strips, and gels. Toothpaste is a great way to attack yellow teeth at first. These can cause sensitivity to teeth, however, and you only want to use them temporarily to keep from damaging your tooth enamel. If this does not work, you want to choose a more expensive, quality strip whitening kit.

Your dentist can recommend a good whitening strip brand for you. After all, your dentist understands the condition of your teeth and gums. He or she will let you know if you might get good results from strips, or other teeth whitening methods. The only caveat is that they, too, can cause tooth sensitivity, so you do not want to use them permanently.

In fact, if you use them too much they can give your teeth a blue tint. This is only temporary and clears up as soon as you stop using them.
Gels are also useful when used in conjunction with mouth trays. However, store bought brands can be messy, and the trays are not sized precisely for your mouth. Still, you can get your teeth a bit brighter using these and other store bought products.

Another option is to buy specially formulated gels that work with LED lights that accelerate the whitening of your teeth. These lights are portable and operate on batteries. They deliver a light that helps whiten the teeth using a gel. These systems are somewhat expensive, but if you find a quality LED light, you should be able to get decent results from it. These deliver faster whitening results than most all store-bought products alone.

If, after you try any or all of the above, you still find your teeth are not where you want them to be, you should get a professional treatment done through your dentist. These are more expensive, of course, but the results can be seen after one treatment. Your dentist might use a bleaching system like Zoom.

These cost a few hundred dollars for treatment, but one treatment is usually all it takes to get the white teeth you want. Besides this, your treatment might take a half hour or one hour, and you get a special  desensitizing agent that keeps your teeth from becoming too sensitive.

Try store-bought treatments first. They can be effective. If they don’t work for you or you want whiter results, consult with your dentist regarding a professional whitening treatment.