Trends And Treatments

While the traditional forms of dentistry are aimed at oral hygiene in addition to treating, diagnosing and preventing oral issues and diseases, cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the appearances of patients, smile, mouth, and teeth. This means that family or general dental practices are used for addressing dental issues that necessitate treatments, whereby a cosmetic dentist offers desired or elective services or treatments.

The Latest Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

The advancements in technology aimed at producing tooth-colored and natural dental materials have made cosmetic dental procedures more predictable and durable than in the previous years. Also, the cosmetic dentistry field of today uses techniques that involve preserving the natural structure of the tooth when possible which is dependent on the patient’s clinical situation.

Today there are a variety of cosmetic dental practices that use the technology of lasers to perform a variety of procedures without having to be referred to a specialist. This has resulted in the proceedings like a “smile makeover” being more convenient and comfortable for a patient in addition to decreasing the recovery time.

Onlays Or Inlays

Also commonly known as an indirect filling, an inlay or inlay are made out of a composite material or porcelain that offer a long-lasting and cosmetic method to fill a tooth that is damaged or decayed. Whereby a filling is molded into position in the mouth during a visit to a dentist, the only or inlay is first created inside a laboratory before it is bonded and fitted into the correct place by the cosmetic dentist.

Dental Veneers

These are porcelain or composite laminates which are bonded with an adhesive to the tooth’s surface to repair or correct cracks and chips, improve worn appearances or to improve severe types of tooth discoloration. These veneers are also used for a patient with gaps between their teeth or for those who have found whitening treatments unsuccessful.

Dental Implants

These are artificial type tooth root replacements which are commonly utilized to form part of prosthetic dentistry ideal for the cases of complete tooth loss. The result of this treatment is usually an enhancement in the smile as well as a youthful appearance because when teeth are missing the face tends to collapse giving the person an older appearance.

Smile Makeover

Smile makeovers are associated with a fully comprehensive assessment of a patient’s smile esthetics that is based on improving the person’s overall appearance. This procedure involves one sometimes more cosmetic procedures that can include teeth whitening, gingival sculpting, dental implants and dental veneers that may be needed for some teeth in the lower and upper arches to arrive at the desired look. These procedures can be completed within one or two sessions, or for more severe cases, the treatment plan may involve numerous sessions to achieve the desired results.

The latest advancements and ongoing education in the cosmetic dentistry field provide various options today to individuals who are unhappy about the appearance of their teeth or smile.